People say…

It’s kinda funny what we hear people say when they find out we retired at 45 and 50 years old:  

Genius on the left and crazy on the right!
  • You’re crazy.
  • You’re genius.
  • I wish I would have retired when I was your age.
  • You’re too young.
  • Aren’t you bored?
  • What were you thinking?
  • I would do anything to quit my job.
  • I could never do what you’re doing.
  • My kids need to talk to you.

And, we couldn’t agree more!  We are ALL of these things.  We’re a little nutty, a little bit genius, and we were very ready to be done with the rat race.

We’re crazy AND genius

We think you pretty much HAVE to be a little crazy to do what we’re doing.  To retire as early as we did, you need to throw caution to the wind and be ok with whatever happens.  Not everyone can handle the risk and uncertainty we’re taking with retiring 20 years early.  But, I think we’re wired a little differently than a lot of people in that we really wanted to simplify and we’re willing to live on a budget ¼ the size we were used to.

To balance the “crazy”, you also need to be a bit of an accounting wiz and good with numbers.  Holly is the one who can run multiple sets of numbers in her head and calculate payouts, compounding interest, etc.  Yep, she was a mathlete as a youngin’ and she hasn’t lost those skills! 😊 On the other hand, Carter is an Excel spreadsheet and budget guru.  He’s always been on a budget, so he’s really good at modeling and forecasting where we are for the month or year.

You’re never too young to retire

Sometimes it hard to tell whether people are freaked out for us, happy for us, jealous, or all of the above.  We hear from a lot of people that we’re too young to retire.  They want to know how we’re paying bills, handling health insurance, planning for market downturns, staying busy, etc.  Once we share what we’ve done to prepare and what we’re doing to stay busy…most people think we’ve figured out the secret and ask how they can find our blog to learn more!

Yes, we want your kids to talk to us!

We think everyone should be focused on living debt free, having the smallest footprint possible, and minimizing stress.  But, we realize this life isn’t practical for everyone.  When we tell parents about our journey, they pretty much all want us to talk to their kids (and sometimes their spouse 😊) and share what we did when we were younger to prepare for today.  We love talking to younger people about our lives.  Their eyes light up, they listen intently when we talk about the importance of 401(k)s, Health Savings Accounts, diversifying investments, and staying out of debt. 

We were never taught any of this when we were younger.  Heck, we didn’t even know what investments were until we were out of college and working at our first jobs.  So, anything we can share with younger folks NOW makes us feel like we’re giving them a little bit of a head start. Maybe they’ll be able to retire even earlier than us!

Whether you think we’re crazy, genius, or too young, we hope you enjoy our journey!  And, if you want us to talk with your kids (or your spouse)…have them send us an email at As you can tell, we love sharing our story! 😊

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