RV living…everybody’s got something to do

We get asked a lot of questions about who drives, who cooks, who cleans…basically, who does everything while we’re traveling. We’ve never even thought about roles and who does what. I guess we just kind of started doing what we’re doing and it’s worked!

Carter’s Roles

  • President and CEO. Carter likes to think he’s in charge. So, I let him think he’s in charge! 😊
  • Driver Extraordinaire. If we have the travel trailer attached, Carter is driving. If we DON’T have the travel trailer attached, Carter is still driving. I drive like I’m at Daytona (according to Carter), so we decided it’s much easier on Carter’s nerves for him to pretty much do all the driving.
  • Housekeeping Supervisor. Carter is a better supervisor than an actual housekeeper. And, as some of you know…he has real life experience in this area from his first job out of college as a housekeeping supervisor with Marriott.
  • Psychologist. Carter’s job is to advise, consult, and generally keep the peace! We actually get along really well, but there are certainly times when he has to talk some sense into me. Or, he has to be a cat whisperer. Or, he has to talk himself down off the ledge.
  • The Fixer. When ANYTHING goes wrong with the truck, travel trailer, motorcycle, bikes…ANYTHING…Carter can fix it. He’s fixed everything from worn bike brakes to flat tires to a leaking roof.
  • Budget Maestro. Carter tracks and manages our budget on a daily basis. Pretty much every morning I wake up to him sitting on the sofa with his laptop in hand. Need I say more?

Holly’s Roles

  • Onboard Navigator. Whether it’s finding the route with no low bridges, figuring out where we’re going to stop to get gas (thank you Gasbuddy), or researching the best lobster roll in the state of Maine…that’s my job.
  • Chef Extraordinaire. We try to eat most of our meals in the camper, and I love to cook. Every once in a while Carter will get the urge to cook something up with his Benihana knife skills, but I cook 90% of our meals.
  • Do-Over Master. I go behind Carter and refold what he’s just folded, clean what he’s just cleaned, poof pillows that he’s just poofed, and remake the bed. I see it as Carter is a started and I’m a finisher. I think he just sees it as seriously annoying. 😊
  • Doctor. Thank goodness, we’ve both been pretty healthy this summer. But just in case…I brought a whole medicine cabinet with us. Need pain killers…I’ve got’em. Need antibiotic ointment…I’ve got’em. Need Band-Aids in any size…I’ve got’em.
  • Cheesemonger. The Miller family LOVES cheese! So, it’s my job to ensure we have at least 5 types of cheese in the refrigerator at all times. We have dedicated an entire shelf in our itty bitty fridge just for the ”good stuff”!
  • Marketing Manager. Somehow, I got assigned the job of writing our blog, taking photos, and updating social media. It turns out I like this stuff and it’s kinda in line with my pre-retirement career, so I won’t complain.

Shared Roles

  • Laundromat Attendant. Theoretically, we have enough clothes to last us 2 weeks. Realistically, we’ve NEVER made it that long. We take our wash to the laundromat every 7-10 days and work together to finish as quickly as possible.
  • Bargain Shopper. Whether it’s online deals, clearance racks, second-hand stores, or secret shopper assignments…we’re always looking for good deals.
  • Dish Washer. We tend to let dishes accumulate until we have a full “load” so we can conserve water. Then, we work together to wash and dry. I’m more anal about getting things clean, so Carter usually does the drying.
  • Entertainment Committee. Whether it’s museums, tours, restaurants, TV night, or audiobooks, we generally decide together what we’re going to do to keep ourselves entertained so we don’t fall asleep at 7PM.
  • Quick-Change Artist. When we’re setting up or tearing down our campsite, Carter does most of the outside stuff. Think draining and cleaning tanks and putting everything back in storage. We try to do as much of this as possible the night before we leave. My job is to secure everything on the inside. And, we work together to get our travel trailer unhooked or reconnected.
  • Housekeeper. I clean pretty much everything (think 250ish square feet) but the bathroom. I just can’t handle that! Ick. Thank goodness Carter is game for the bathroom.

In all seriousness, it’s super important to have roles. There really is a lot to do when we’re living a “normal” life and especially when we’re on the road and constantly moving our home to new locations. When we know our roles, it makes life so much easier and stops resentment or arguments before they even happen!

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