Weird stuff we do in the RV that we’d never do at home

Whether out of desire or necessity, we’ve realize we do some pretty weird things while we’re traveling in our RV.  Some of these help us save money while others are just part of life on the road!

Scavenge for firewood

After paying $7 for a bundle of wood for our first campfire this summer, we decided to go for daily scavenger hunts.  No, we don’t chop down trees in the national forest.  We just wait for fellow campers to leave and then we ride our bikes through the campground to pick up the piles of wood they’ve left behind.

Take our recycling with us everywhere we go

It drives us crazy when parks (especially national and state parks) don’t recycle.  We went for almost 3 weeks without finding recycling in Colorado.  The bed of our truck was half-full of cans and bottles.  We finally asked friends if we could put our recycling in their personal bins.

Take naps on picnic tables

Sometimes we’re just too tired to pull out the zero-gravity chairs.  But, Carter can take a nap anywhere.  My favorite is when he uses his shoes as a pillow and sleeps on picnic tables. Just glad he doesn’t sleep like this on our dining room table at home!

Use an infrared thermometer

We’re constantly fighting the temperature battle in our camper.  It’s either too hot or too cold or too muggy.  We travel with a digital infrared thermometer so we can constantly check the temperature.  One side benefit is that our cat absolutely loves the laser beam from the thermometer.  All we have to do is click it and he comes running.  He’s very easily entertained!

Use poop-canceling headphones

We both like our personal space, but in a small RV, that’s kinda difficult.  One way we’ve found a little solitude is to wear noise-canceling headphones.  We jokingly call them poop-canceling headphones since whoever is wearing the headphones can’t even tell if someone is in the bathroom doing their business.  I know…gross.  But, it works and allows for a little privacy. 😊

Use hamburger buns for everything

Our toyhauler doesn’t have a ton of storage space in the kitchen, so we improvise.  One thing we do is try to avoid buying lots of different kinds of bread.

  • Trying to make a sandwich…we use hamburger buns. 
  • Hungry for tacos but don’t have tortillas…we use hamburger buns.
  • Don’t have hotdog buns…we use hamburger buns.
  • Need croutons for a salad…we use old hamburger buns.
  • Wanna make French toast for breakfast…we use hamburger buns.
  • Want garlic bread to go with spaghetti…we use hamburger buns.

Turn our garage into a laundry room

We do laundry every 7-10 days.  Holly likes to hang some of her stuff up to dry, so that means we have to turn our garage/office/dining room into a laundromat for about 24 hours.  Such a pain, but we’re starting to figure out how to work around the clothes hanging down in front of us!

Never leave the campground without a cooler

We take drinks and snacks with us everywhere we go.  Holly also has a penchant for markets, so we’re always ready for goodies she finds.  In fact, just today, we stopped at a meat market and picked up breakfast sausage, ground beef, and a couple other things.  Carter almost bought the “pudding meat”, but he talked himself out of that.  What is pudding meat anyway???

6 thoughts on “Weird stuff we do in the RV that we’d never do at home

  1. Well that’s my morning smile! In reincarnation, I will shadow you two, then retire early and live that life. Today I’ll definitely look at clothes lines and picnic tables differently. Safe travels young ins ❣


  2. Firewood idea is brilliant. I don’t even think I have the stomach to look up pudding meat. And now that you have mentioned hamburger buns, I’m wondering if we can do the same thing with just tortillas, just to save space as well. Hmmm, but then we are back to no toast. Ugh, This is a tough one. Thanks for the fun entry! It has gotten us to thinking.


    • Glad you enjoyed! I actually like the tortilla idea. Maybe we’ll give that a try. It’s kinda fun to get creative when you’re living in the RV.


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