Just Ask The Google

We aren’t the most technologically savvy people out there (don’t tell Carter I said that…he worked in technology for 20+ years and fancies himself an expert!). In fact, it feels like we were slow on the uptake when it comes to relying on Google. Now, we use if for pretty much EVERYTHING.  Every day, you’ll catch us saying, “what did we do before Google?” 😊

Being the young folks in a retirement community means we get asked a lot of questions about technology and just stuff in general. And, it’s fun to hear our neighbors say, “how did you know that?” or “how did you know to go there?” or “how did you do that so fast?” The bottom line…just ask Google!

Ask Google for directions. Since we’re on the road several months of the year, we rely on our phones as a GPS. In fact, we probably rely on our phones too much. We were trying to get from Grand Junction, Colorado, to Grand Lake, Colorado. We plugged our destination into our phones and off we went. Halfway to Grand Lake, the directions sent us down a 30 mile stretch of dirt, mountain road. We had to stop and pull out our old-school atlas to see where the heck we were. Needless to say, we’ll be using Google Satellite View to plan road trips going forward. Plus, balance it with more common sense…if a route looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Ask Google how to fix anything. Whether we’re fixing a clogged vacuum, changing a tire on our trailer, or troubleshooting how to clear a poop pyramid (use your imagination there!)…we can find step-by-step instructions on Google. We’ve avoided hundreds of dollars in repair bills and hours or days of downtime by googling and watching YouTube videos.

Ask Google for the best deals.  Before we buy anything, we google it.  Yes, Amazon and Wal-Mart usually have the best prices.  But, we’ve found killer deals on tennis shoes, tents, and even ski goggles on Google Express. Holly also googles coupons, sales, and local deals.

Ask Google what’s for dinner. We like to try new restaurants, bakeries, local dives, and markets. Holly is always googling topics like the best Thai in town, BBQ joints close to the highway, and what locals eat. Within seconds, she’s got photos, directions, and reservations (when needed).

Carter loves casseroles, so he’s always looking for new ways to combine cream of mushroom soup, potato chips, cheese, and some sort of meat. Thanks to Google, he has limitless options for dinner! ☹  Holly is always googling recipes that might tempt Carter away from casseroles!

Ask Google about random trivia. Need to know what the latest tennis or basketball results are or how many liters are in a gallon?  Google has the answer.  Carter also likes to ask Google what our elevation is.  He’s quite obsessed with elevation these days.

Ask Google to keep us entertained.  We’re always googling the best books or audiobooks, top shows on Netflix, and free museums and concerts.  We’re going to see a free Sanctus Real at a free concert here in Kansas City tonight thanks to Google!

Ask Google where the nearest tennis courts are. We like to play tennis as we’re traveling across the country. We’ve played tennis in many mountain towns in Colorado, farm towns in Nebraska, along the coast, and everywhere in between. We use Google Satellite View and Google Street View to find the courts and make sure they aren’t infested with weeds or locked.

You can find anything you want through Google.  Actually, we call it “The Google”.  We can’t remember who said it, but someone in our retirement community called it “The Google”, and since we heard that we can’t stop saying it.  So, just ask The Google next time you need anything.

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