Bringing Sexy Back

Who would have guessed that one of the challenges of early retirement would be sex appeal?!?!  Well, when we wear t-shirts, gym shorts, and tennis shoes 95% of the time, we’re not all that S-E-X-Y.  Thank goodness we both like the casual look. 😊

Carter’s closet…full of t-shirts

Our closets and drawers are full of gym clothes. We have tennis clothes, hiking clothes, pool clothes, and travel clothes (which are pretty much gym clothes).

We’re always pulling a “Bobby Chuck”.  As many of you know, Holly’s dad passed away last year.  One of his nicknames was “Bobby Chuck”.  Well, Bobby Chuck was a bit of a mess when it came to eating.  He pretty much always had a couple stains on his shirt.  Somehow, we started saying, “uh oh, you pulled a Bobby Chuck!” when we’d spill something on ourselves.

The miracle worker!

Holly’s mom was a miracle worker on “Bobby Chuck” stains. Ma somehow got almost every stain out.  Her secret?  Immediate action. Even if we were in the middle of dinner, off came Bobby Chuck’s shirt and out came the Oxiclean stain stick.

The growing rag pile

We should buy stock in Oxiclean Stain Stick. That stuff works miracles.  Mustard, grease, dirt, coffee…doesn’t matter.  Almost everything comes out.  But, the other day, we both got dressed and noticed stains on each other.  We made rule #1…right then.  If Oxiclean can’t get the stain out, the shirt or shorts become rags. The bottom line is that if we’re going to wear gym clothes 95% of the time, they at least need to be clean!

Carter has favorite shirts and shorts he just can’t part with.  We all have those shirts that are so old and soft that you just don’t want to take them off.  Well, Carter has a lot of those.  Actually, Carter takes pride in the fact that he still has clothes that are older than Cody (25 YEARS).  Unfortunately, a lot of those shirts have holes in them.  Ugh.  So, we had to make rule #2.  If shirt or shorts have holes, they become rags.

Small caveat…for travel days, we’re allowed to wear old, stained clothes.  When we’re pulling up camp and heading to a new campsite, we’re allowed to wear crappy clothes.  It’s not sexy, but at least we won’t ruin all of our “good” gym clothes.  😊

Just in case you’re wondering, rules #1 and #2 were Holly’s ideas.  But, Carter is now fully onboard…kind of. 😊

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