How do we get along when we’re together ALL THE TIME?

We get asked a lot of questions about how we live in such tight quarters and still manage to actually like each other.  Especially, when you consider our personalities….

  • Carter is one of the most easy-going people on this planet.  Holly is mega Type-A.
  • Carter is a starter.  Holly is a finisher.
  • Carter is never in a hurry.  Holly is always strategizing and moving as quickly as possible.
  • Carter doesn’t notice details at all.  Holly notices every detail.
  • Carter just lets things unfold.  Holly makes things happen.

We could easily drive each other crazy, but somehow it works! 

The truth is that we both know we NEED to get along and be comfortable in our small space.  The other option is to get a much bigger house, probably buy another car, and take separate vacations! But, that would likely mean going back to work for a few years.  After being retired for just over 2 months, we can say with 100% certainty we just don’t want to do that! 

The itty bitty kitchen in our park model!

We live in 700 square feet during the winter and 240 square feet during the summer.
We talk a lot about our old lives and our big Colorado home. That home had an intercom system so we could find each other. Our tiny home is pretty much the opposite! We can’t really go anywhere in our park model without hearing and seeing each other.  We literally have to turn sideways to pass each other in the kitchen.  We share a tiny office space.  And, our bedroom is just big enough to squeeze between the wall and bed. There really isn’t an escape, but we love it!

So, how do we do it?

1We have a lot in common. 

We have many shared interests, common hobbies, synced sleeping habits, and similar thought processes.  Thank goodness!  If we didn’t, it would be difficult to live in such a small space.  We both go to bed and get up early.  We love tennis, hiking, and Netflix.  And, we prefer accumulating adventures over stuff.

2We also have things we like to do by ourselves.

Holly likes to go to the gym, shop, and spend as much time at the pool as possible.  Carter hasn’t stepped a foot into the gym in years, his limit is 3 stores (more shopping than that and he turns into a bully), and he can only take the pool for about 30 minutes.

Carter is super social, prefers McDonalds over fancy restaurants, and cycles just for fun.  Holly likes her alone time, is a foodie, and gets nervous when Carter gets on his bike to ride down the road.

Even though we’re very different in many ways, we complement each other.  We know our roles and rely heavily on each other.  

3We talk things out.

We rarely disagree, but when we do, we talk it out. Some of our good friends told us they never go to bed mad at each other. We’ve followed their rule almost every night and never regretted it. The second rule we follow is that we can’t just say “no”. We have to explain why and ask questions. Well, except when Carter keeps asking for an XBox!

4We keep our home neat and tidy.

The shake maker on the right is from Carter’s grandparents. We bust it out every couple weeks to make the best shakes EVER!

Last but not least…with such a small living space, everything has to have an assigned place.  And, we mean that quite literally.  We have exactly enough room for the mixer, coffee maker, and Grandma’s shake maker to fit on one shelf.  We can’t just shove things in and hope the door stays closed!  Also, it only takes us about 15 minutes to clean the park model or travel trailer from top to bottom, so no excuses there! 

Living this lifestyle isn’t for every couple.  If you need a lot of personal space, don’t enjoy sharing, or you’re more of a control freak…give us a call before you try this!  😊

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