The Christmas Gift that Changed Our Summer Vacation Plans

The Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

This year, I decided to get Carter one last gift for Christmas.  I got him a map of the national parks across the United States and a box of push pins.  I ordered the map from Etsy and sent it to Vistaprint to mount on foam board so we can mark our visits with a pin.

When I bought the map, I didn’t look at it that closely and just assumed we’d probably already visited most of the national parks.  Well, to my surprise, Carter and I have only visited 10% (7 of 60) of the national parks since we got married (5 years ago).  We have a LONG way to go!

As you can imagine, we looked at each other and both said, “well, that’s got to change.” And, it will this summer.  We already changed our route for our travels this summer to maximize our visits to national parks.  Hopefully, we’ll get to double the number of push pins on our map by adding:

  1. Acadia
  2. Bryce Canyon
  3. Canyonlands
  4. Capitol Reef
  5. Gateway Arch
  6. Grand Canyon
  7. Petrified Forest
  8. Shenandoah

What a great country we live in!  We feel so blessed to spend the summer on the road enjoying as many national parks as possible. 

If you have recommendations for campgrounds, back roads, or anything else, please let us know!

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