Not your parents’ retirement!

I had never even known what a snowbird was until I met Carter.  His family had been snowbirders for decades.  His great grandparents had been escaping Pennsylvania for Florida each winter.  My first thoughts when Carter and I started talking about retiring early and becoming snowbirds were, “How did I live 45 years without knowing about this lifestyle? And, when can we start?”

Carter’s Great Grandparents in front of their park model in 1972

Fast forward 50 years, and we’re starting our snowbird lifestyle at the ages of 45 and 50.  We’re just doing it in a little more modern way!

Us in front of our park model in 2019

We sold our Colorado home and decided to chase the sun 12 months of the year. That means we’ve given up a traditional place to call home, closet space, and a second bathroom.  We’ve also sacrificed a few friendships and hometown comforts because we’ve moved out of state.  Thank goodness we have Facebook, Instagram, and Facetime!

We bought a park model (aka mobile home) in a community in The Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Arizona) and downsized from over 5,000 square feet to 700 square feet. How did we do that?  It wasn’t easy and we’re still going through our “treasures”, and we’ll share more about the process in future posts.

We’ll be traveling in the summers to different parts of the Americas to explore on a budget.  More to come on our budget and our 2019 travel plans.

We are blessed to be able to retire early and mostly live off the proceeds of our investments.  We were both smart about saving and investing throughout our lives.  That allows us to fund this low-cost lifestyle pretty easily.  Plus, we’re willing to sacrifice “keeping up with the Jones’s” to quit our jobs and stop submitting timesheets.

We’re still gonna keep working…a little.  While we’re young and our skills are still relevant, we’ll be working a little here and there to pay for extras.  I will be freelancing in remote, project-based communications and project management work.  Carter has already started driving for Lyft.  He loves to drive and meet new people, so it’s a great fit for him.

We’re starting this blog to share our adventures with our family, friends, and anyone who might be thinking about taking the plunge into early retirement, downsizing, or RVing across America.

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