Living and Thinking Like a Millennial When You’re a Gen X

Cody’s Graduation Day!

My stepson (Cody) was born in 1993, and he is a Millennial through and through. When I first met him, I wanted to spank him.  He came across as entitled, never satisfied, and unable to focus on ANYTHING.  Fast forward 5 years, and now I find that I learn something new from him every day.  Honestly, I think Millennials have figured it out. As we’re living our lives as snowbirds, I realize thinking like a Millennial makes life so much more fun and entertaining.

Millennials have perfected the art of being adventurous.  They Live it up and never stop exploring.  They want to see the world, experience different cultures, try new foods, and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Their only challenge is money, but that doesn’t seem to stop them.

Millennials are creating something new all the time.  Cody is always talking about some new idea or gadget he wants to invest in.  And, when I say “invest” I mean money, brain cells, travel, and talent.  It seems like Cody’s generation is always looking for better, faster, easier ways to do something.  I often listen to him and his friends and think, “Why didn’t we think of that?  Well, that would have saved a lot of time and money!”

Millennials will NOT work tirelessly without an end goal. Carter and I kept working and working and working and buying and buying and buying.  We didn’t really have a goal in mind.  Once we decided we wanted to retire early, we had to ask ourselves, “Why are we still in the rat race?  We don’t need to be.  We already have enough savings to be able to live comfortably for years.”

Millennials are more open-minded.  I find that Cody and his friends don’t care what color your skin is, how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, or what religion you follow.  Carter are I are trying to be more like this.  Being more open-minded certainly helps as we’re traveling around the country and meeting new people every day.  We hear the coolest stories, find hidden gems, and have many opportunities to help (and be helped by) strangers.

Millennials have figured out how to use their personal stuff to make money.  Back when I was a kid, my parents cut and sold firewood and refinished furniture to make extra money.  But, it feels like Generation X forgot how to barter and use what we’ve got to make ends meet.  Carter and I decided to follow the Millennials’ lead and rent out our home.  Carter also uses our truck and car to make extra spending money through Lyft. I’ve also considered renting out our travel trailer, but Carter hasn’t bought off on that one yet!

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