Electric bikes are the best invention ever!

We bought our e-bikes 3+ years ago.  And, we love them.  I don’t think we’ll ever buy or ride a normal peddle bike again.  However, we are tempted to buy the more modern, streamlined bikes that are out there now.  The Raleigh Detour iE bikes we bought are already a little outdated, but we still love them.

We use our e-bikes every day.  Whether we’re riding around our community or to a nearby restaurant, we choose our e-bikes over a golf cart or our car every time.  Well, unless it’s raining.

What’s so great about an e-bike?

Our Raleigh Detour iE bikes with the
battery on the tail.

1We can be as lazy as we want.  We can peddle without turning on the power.  Or, we can not peddle at all and just coast with full power.  We usually choose something in the middle and use a little power while we’re peddling.  That way we look cooler and we can keep going mile after mile after mile.

Recent biking adventure in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

2We can cover a lot of ground fast.  Whether it’s heading to a convenience store or peddling from a campground to a nearby town, we can go up to 25 MPH.  We generally keep it at 10-15 MPH, but we can go faster! And, we don’t have to pay for parking.

Rear baskets mounted our e-bikes

3We can tote around everything we need in our baskets.  We put two baskets on the back of each of our bikes.  We chose collapsible rear baskets that we found on Amazon for under $25 each, but there are lots of different baskets to choose from these days.  When we’re transporting the e-bikes, we fold the baskets up and they’re completely out of the way. 

The only downside is how heavy our e-bikes are.  Each of our e-bikes weighs between 50 and 60 pounds.  That means they’re hard to peddle without juice and you might need a special rack to transport them.  When we’re traveling with our RV, we use our Yakima bike rack.  We have a front hitch that’s easy to access and doesn’t require us to get the bikes on top of a vehicle or in the back of a pickup.  Thank goodness!  We also make sure we always have at least 2 bars (out of 5) of juice left before we head out on a ride. 

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